FIPP – Connecting Global Media, represents businesses or individuals involved in the creation, publishing or sharing of quality content to audiences of interest, as well as those closely aligned with the industry.

FIPP exists to help its members develop better strategies and build better businesses by identifying and communicating emerging trends, sharing knowledge, and improving skills, worldwide.

FIPP respects and supports:

  • Freedom of the press
  • Freedom of advertising
  • Freedom of distribution
  • The Intellectual Property rights of publishers, in any form
  • The development of industry ecological standards and protection of the environment

FIPP has more than 500 member companies, including media owners, national associations, service providers and academia, in more than 60 countries. They use FIPP to share knowledge, gather information on potential markets and find new business partners.

FIPP members’ portfolio include more than 5,000 leading media brands around the world.

Our members

Our members

FIPP members are involved in the creation, publishing and/or sharing of quality content to defined audiences of interest, irrespective of platform(s) used.

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